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官方下载|深足设家宴定队规 小克:战斗从第一分钟开始打响
名称:官方下载|深足设家宴定队规 小克:战斗从第一分钟开始打响

At 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, Shenzhen Kaisa will challenge Tianjin TEDA at Dalian Golden State Stadium. This is the first game of the second stage of the Chinese Super League. Both the host and guest teams are coveting three points: TEDA is looking forward to the first win of the season and ending the embarrassment of 14 rounds of invincibility. ; And in the previous deep-foot family banquet, Kaisa Group executives ordered the team to complete the relegation task as quickly as possible.

明天下午3:30,深圳佳兆业将在大连金官方下载州体育场挑战天津泰达。这是中国超级联赛第二阶段的第一场比赛。主人和客人团队都渴望获得三分:TEDA期待本赛季的首场胜利,并结束14轮无敌的尴尬。 ;在之前的深脚家庭宴会中,Kaisa集团高管命令团队尽快完成降级任务。

   On September 27th, Shenzhen Football Club ended the final game of the first stage in the Dalian Division. The team will have a holiday on the spot until October 4th. The coach of Shenzhen Football Club Jr. Cruyff hopes that the players will recover during the intermittent period. At the same time, he hopes that the "injury number" of the players will recover as soon as possible. After that, I hope that the players will use this short holiday to go home and reunite with their relatives and friends, relax, and meet the second stage of the game full of energy. At the same time, it can also allow players with minor injuries and minor illnesses to intervene. Better recovery during the period."


   Have these two wishes come true? Captain Gao Lin gave the answer: "After the last stage of the game, we had a short break. The players are now full of energy and in very good physical condition. There are no injuries in the team. Everyone is prepared. Everyone will Do your best and contribute your best to the team at any time.” Mali, who missed the last two rounds of the first stage due to injury, has recovered. The return of an efficient shooter is good news for Shenzhen Football.


On the day when the team regrouped, the chairman of Shenzhen Football Club Mai Fan hosted a family banquet for the coaching staff of Shenzhen Football, which included the Cruyff team and the members of the Chinese coaching staff. In the second stage of the competition, "must complete the relegation task as quickly as possible."


   The Shenzu team sent troops to Dalian at noon on the 13th. One day before the team's departure, the Shenzu Football Club issued the strictest team rules in history, and the offenders will directly initiate the termination clause. It is understood that the content involved in the team rules and the group’s intention to "complete the relegation task as quickly as possible" correspond to each other. This shows how much Shenzhen Football Group attaches great importance to the match against Tianjin TEDA.


Cruyff said that Tianjin Teda will be the two most important games of the season: "The game is very important to us. I see that our team is doing a good job both mentally and physically. To prepare, everyone knows that these two games are two finals. We will play the two games well. At the same time, we will also start fighting from the first minute of the game."


In many games of the first stage, Shenzhen Football often gained the upper hand without scoring, and lacked the ability to grasp opportunities in front of the goal. In this regard, Xiaoke bluntly said: "I hope the team will further'get in power' in the game and further create more goals. Ball opportunities, this is a very good phenomenon. We are fully prepared. I believe that we can further create better scoring opportunities. Players are full of desire for goals and they will convert more scoring opportunities. For the goal."


In terms of personnel, after Mali's return from injury, the inefficiency of deep-foot frontcourt offensive efficiency is expected to be improved. On the back line, Brave Kyrgyzstan is also getting better and better. Cruyff Jr. said: "As time progresses , As we have more time to train with Ganji, I believe he will perform better. In the last stage, Ganji went through isolation before arriving in the team. There was also no formal competition for a long time before coming to China. Regular training. I believe that through the accumulation of time, we work and train together, and he will definitely have better performance. We are satisfied with his performance. On the whole, I am very satisfied with the training and preparation of all the players. I hope these will show up in tomorrow’s game."


Although the opponent Tianjin Teda has not won in the league, Xiaoke said: "Our team will not despise any opponent. We know that the opponent has some signings and reinforcements recently, but we respect the opponent and will not go. Fear of any opponent, we will go all out to win the game, and the players are full of ambition."


When asked about the high-level family banquet that ordered two games to be won and whether the strictest team rules in history would put pressure on the players, the captain Gao Lin said: "Our club’s family banquet is actually very simple. The first stage is very hard for everyone. , The chairman is very concerned about the team’s situation and summarized the team’s first stage of the game, and affirmed the good points; the most important thing is the expectations and requirements of the second stage, and I hope the team will have a better spirit Face, show better skills and tactics in the game and the ability to control the game. The chairman of the club has high expectations of us and hopes that we will go all out in each of the six games in the second stage. , Every game can come up with the best state and win the game."


Regarding the group’s proposal to complete the relegation as quickly as possible, Gao Lin said, “As a player, there is no pressure, because the game is like this. You must devote yourself to each game and try your best. I personally The team is full of confidence. In the game, we have to play our own characteristics, do according to the coach's requirements, and show our strength." (Wen Li)


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